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Hedge reductions and hedge trimming in Warrington are areas of expertise. We deal with all types and sizes of hedges. We find that the breadth and scale of jobs undertaken vary tremendously. We deal with jobs covering whole gardens and also cutting back short boundary hedges. No job is too big and no job is too small.

Our customers call on our hedge cutting services for a whole range of reasons. Sometimes a hedge has grown too far onto the pavement or is obscuring windows, doors and views or maybe the hedge trimming job is just too much for a customer to undertake by themselves.

Whatever the reason, if you need your hedge trimming, pruning or even removing, give us a call.


Hedge Trimming Worsley

Hedge Trimming Warrington


We have significant experience working with a whole range of different hedges. Typically the hedges we cut include:

  • A lovely purple flower, Wisteria grows profusely and needs pruning twice a year.
  • Beech hedges, they look wonderful in the autumn as the leaves turn brown. Regular maintenance ensures they look good all year round. Careful maintenance ensures that the hedge remains thick and coverage healthy.
  • Fern and Leylandii, A common evergreen border hedge. They can get out of control if not cut back at least once a year.
  • Laurel and Privet, Evergreen and very shapely, these hedges can be cut to shape with regular care and attention. We can also offer Topiary as a hedge trimming service.
  • Wisteria
  • Rose, Wild Cherry, Yew…and many, many more.

Formal Hedge Trimming for Warrington

A formal hedge is one that is regularly trimmed. Choose a dense, fine-leaved plant, such as privet or a conifer, and trim it on a regular basis to a squared or wedge shape, with the base wider than the top. This allows the most light to reach the base and gives it a more solid appearance. Your garden will be the envy of Warrington!

  • Try to keep the top no wider than 60cm so you can easily cut it from one side.
  • Erect a line of bamboo canes and string that does not stretch when pulled for longer hedges.
  • Plant bamboo canes at both ends of the hedge, as well as shorter canes at 45 degrees to these, pointing away from the hedge.
  • To prevent the upright canes from pulling inwards when you tighten the string along the hedge, tie a string line between the slanting and upright canes.
  • Tie the string above the hedge to get a straight side, then cut the top about 1cm below the desired eventual height.
  • Begin at the bottom of each side and work your way up in smooth, continuous swaths.
  • Last, trim the top of the hedge.To catch the clippings, spread a plastic sheet beside the hedge.Brush or rake the clippings from the hedge’s top. If you leave them on the hedge, the damp, airless conditions they create could foster the growth of fungal diseases.
  • Use a wheelbarrow instead of carrying the clippings to the bin or compost heap. Consult our buying guide for the best wheelbarrow.

Stihl Hedge Trimming

What kind of hedge trimming equipment do I require?

From light pruning to more drastic changes, you’ll need a variety of tools to get the job done. For the best results, we recommend purchasing the following hedge trimming equipment:

Secateurs: also known as pruning shears, secateurs are essentially garden scissors. They are ideal for trimming small pieces of your hedges and bushes to make them look nicer. Secateurs are ideal for cutting branches up to 2cm thick.

Loppers are essentially long-handled secateurs that can handle thicker branches. The longer the handles, the less effort you must exert. For branches up to 5cm in diameter, use loppers.

Curved saw: Use a saw with a curved blade for thicker branches. Long, slow strokes with the entire blade yield the best results. Even the thickest branches will be no match.

Shears: Think of shears as a larger version of scissors, and use them to trim back overgrown hedges.

Hedge trimmers: Unlike the other tools, hedge trimmers are machines that make trimming simple. Their steel blades are powered by electricity, gasoline, or battery and are ideal for trimming your largest hedges and bushes. There are many stores throughout Warrington where you will be able to purchase these items.



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